Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving was great! Just the break I needed. The day was filled with family, friends and a whole lot of food!! It was delicious.

We ended up having a extra full house. My cousin brought a friend who didn't have anywhere to go and my mom invited some co-workers whose family was across the country. It just filled my heart to have them come and be able to celebrate the day with us.

The night before (Wednesday) I went out and it was defiantly a bust. I was having a great time and my DD decided to leave around 11:30. Granted we got to the bar super early to avoid the crowds and get some seats, but still. It was just starting to get really crowded. We left and there was a line wrapped around the block! I tried to find a ride home other than her but couldn't. Also I didn't want to bother my mom who was getting up at 5:30 to put the turkey in the oven!

I made the most out of the night and it was still nice to see some of my friends.

Even though turkey day was a long day for me I still couldn't sleep in the next day. So I hit the streets.

It wasn't too bad! The parking was a problem at times but inside the store everything was fine! Some notable purchases were

Ulta: I bought CHI hair straightener for 79 dollars!

Kohls: I got a Gold Chain that was $210 for $60!!! I also bought earrings for my sister-in-law that were $110 for only $20! I love that store.

Best Buy: I was able to get a Blu Ray DVD player for $125 with a HDMI cord for free. I actually bought 2. One for me and one for my brother. My other brother is going to go in on the gift with me which is nice! I also got some DVDs that were 4 dollars.

I also got a couple of other things too, filler gifts mostly. But those were my big buys that I was proud of!

So did you brave the crowds this weekend? Get anything good??


Karen said...

It is all about a cab on the night before Thanksgiving. My DD deserted me too early also and I just got a cab when I was ready to go home.

I did most of my shopping for clothes for myself. But I got amazing deals.

Rachel said...

The CHI hair straightener is the best thing ever. I have really, really thick, wavy hair and it is the only thing I found that works.

I hit the NY&CO 50% off sale hard. in store AND online.