Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Candy Corn

I love Candy Corn.

Like I can eat an entire bag in one sitting, love.

Since I'm trying to get healthy, I refrain from buying anything that's really bad for you because I know that if it's in my house, I'll eat it. I have no willpower sometimes.

The other day I went into the store to pick something up real quick and there they were. My loves, Candy Corn. And a bag was only a buck!!!

The temptation was just too much, so I picked up the bag and had it with me while I got the other things I actually needed. When I got to the register, the little voice in my head finally kicked in. I realized that that bag would be gone by the time I went to bed. I've been doing so good lately and did I really want to throw it away for them!! (yes) However the voice won, and I put the bag down and checked out.

I thought about those damn things for the rest of the day. lol. I have a problem.

Anyway later that night I told my mom my struggle and how proud I was that I didn't give in. But damn did I want them!!!!!

The next day, I come home from the gym and on my dresser is a HUGE bag of Candy Corn!!!


I thought I went crazy for a minute, until I realized my mother (aka the devil) felt bad that I didn't buy them and picked me up a bag when she was out! While I do know that she had the best intentions (she told me to only eat a little at a time), it was also like a slap in the face.

Sometimes I don't think my mom understands how much I struggle to get on the right track. Sometimes I think she tried to sabotage me. Not on purpose, but like deep down inside she doesn't want me to succeed. It could be because she's struggled with weight all her life too, and if she can't do it, then neither should I. Who knows...

What I do know, is that there is a big ass bag of candy corn taunting me in my room. I've only had a little bit (10 total I counted) but it took a huge effort to stop. If I hit my goal this week to lose 4 pounds, I will reward myself with another 10 corns.

I've decided to use the delicious bag of candy to my advantage and reward myself with a job well done each week. Here's hoping I don't cave in!!!

Do you have a food that you just can't resist? Do you ever feel like someone is trying to sabotage you?


Queenie said...

I have a hard time resisting coookies while I am away from my home. When I am living my "normal" life it is fine - I rarely buy that stuff for myself. But when I travel to visit other people I can never say no. The results always show up on my scale when I return back home.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Good for you.
I heard them calling me from the
2nd floor and I ate the whole damn bag over the course of a day!

Candy corn is like crack for me.
My husband thought he'd surprise me and brough it home.

There may be a 12 step candy corn program for you and me out there.