Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Solid B

My effort to curb my online shopping and spending was pretty good. I did slip a few times, mostly because I am in desperate need for workout clothes. However they were really cheap and I felt like I couldn't miss a deal like that. Seriously Old Navy kind of rocks in the workout gear department. I got a sports bra for like $15 bucks and active pants for only $8 dollars on sale!! Also the quality is really good, which makes it a steal.

I also bought a pair of boots, but that was mostly because I forgot about my goals for the month. lol. The boots are amazing and I know they will be worn many many times. It is almost impossible for me to find boots that actually fit my calf. So when I saw these and tried them on I knew I couldn't pass them up.

So minus the boots and workout gear I did pretty great this month!! I'm now back on track (mostly) with my budgeting and saving. Definitely a solid B for my efforts. lol

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