Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the road again

This week has been never ending for me! It’s Thursday and I feel like it’s been 2 weeks since Monday! Work is slow right now due to the holiday coming up. This is the calm before the storm, because come January I will be super busy again. I like being busy because even though I want to pull out my hair, the week goes by faster.

This weekend I am going to Maryland to visit my friends from college. At first the thought of driving 3 hours made me feel sick and I was dreading it. Now? I realize that this weekend is perfect and I really miss my friends.

Since it is a random weekend I’m not too worried about traffic. There will be some in places where I always hit traffic, but for the most part it won’t be like last time.

It’s good that I am going this weekend, because even though I won’t get a lot of sleep, I have a short workweek and a 4-day weekend following so I can catch up then! Also the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I found out that I get a half day so yay for that!

I mentioned before that I had to do PT for my foot. I made an appointment for this coming Saturday early morning and I found out yesterday that they don’t take my insurance! So while I am back at square one of finding a place, I am secretly really happy about getting a few extra hours of sleep before I hit the road.

What I’m most excited about this weekend is one of my friends who I haven’t seen in TWO years is supposedly coming!! Now I’m not holding my breath because last time we were supposed to meet up she totally bailed at the last minute. But I’m hoping that she will make the effort and I can see her.

We were really close in college, were roommates for a year and went on vacations together, she was like a sister to me. However, after she dropped out and moved back to her tiny little town, we lost touch for a little while. She went right back to acting like she was in high school and I just could not handle that stuff anymore. We talked sporadically but I do really miss her and I hope by seeing her this weekend we can revive our friendship.

Either way it will be a fun weekend and a nice break. Plus after this weekend the holidays will officially start and I cannot wait!

Speaking of which, I was supposed to go shopping for Christmas gifts last weekend and that was a total FAIL. I need to get moving on that immediately.


Anonymous said...

Too bad about the PT :(

The weekend sounds like it will be fun though! I hope your friend does come and that you get some quality time in.

Alexandreena said...

Have fun on your weekend and I hope your old friend comes down as well. Reconnecting with old friends rocks!