Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is my 100th post!! I cannot believe I kept up with this for so long. Usually when I start something like this, I get bored fast and end up forgetting about it. This is different. This is a place where I can really be me and that’s why I have kept up with it for as long as I have. Also, I really appreciate everyone who reads this and also I love every single comment I get. That’s another reason why I keep up with this. I defiantly feel like I have bloggy friends, even if we’ve never really talked before. I get a deep personal look into your lives and I feel close to you guys. But I’m start to sound creepy so I will move on.

Before I mentioned that to celebrate this milestone I would either A) say my real name or B) post a picture of myself. I went back and forth for a really long time and finally decided to do both!!!!

I can’t stand using a fake name anymore; it makes this blog feel foreign. Also, I figured that if anyone I know ever came across this blog they would know it was me in a second so it really shouldn’t matter if I post a picture. Plus, even though I am terrified of a person in my personal life finding this blog, at the same time it would probably be a blessing for them to really see the real me.

So without further hesitation my name is actually:

Carolyn! (pronounced CaroLYNNE not CaroLINE)

This is the only picture I could find of me by myself. This was taken over the summer when I was in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's awesome that you decided to do both :) I go back and forth about using my real name because I hate not using it but I also don't want it to come back to haunt me with the job market the way it is and all. I will probably start using it soon as I sign my e-mails with it anyway.

Your hair looks different now though, right?

Karen said...

Yeah!!! You are adorable. I love that picture. I am so glad you shared both your name and photo. You are awesome.

CC said...

Yay! Happy 100th!!! I debate using my name and pics on my blog too...i want y'all to know who i am too, but i'm terrified my boss or something will stumble upon it! maybe one day!

Ashley D said...

SO glad you decided to post a pic and your name! Yay! :) And congrats on 100 posts!

Alexandreena said...

You look absulutely adorable. Love your hair!

And congrats on the 100!

AY@tes said...

Hey! Its you! I used to have an idea about keeping my blog as unpersonal as I could, but its really hard, I made it about 10 posts.

(And yes I realize I'm slow, but expect 4 or 5 more comments from me since I'm behind. :)