Monday, April 27, 2009

Peak at summer

What a beautiful weekend it was. It hit 90 degrees both days and was a nice little glimpse to summer that is quickly approaching. It may have even been too hot out. My house was a sauna on Saturday. Thankfully my mom caved and put the air on Sunday.

Saturday I went to a wedding of my brother’s really good friend. My brother was supposed to be the best man but couldn’t because he’s still overseas. It was beautiful though. It was at a place that was right on the beach. Really random, this is the place that the Craigslist Killer was going to get married. A bunch of people was talking about that on Saturday.

I’m not a person who cries at weddings. However this one defiantly had tears welling up in my eyes. It was just so heartfelt and you can just see how unbelievably happy the bride and groom were. Then during the exchanging of the vows the groom’s speech made everyone cry. Even grown men had out tissues and were wiping their eyes. It was just so touching.

Once the party got started everyone was talking, laughing and dancing. It was not a wedding where no one even gets up to slow dance; everyone seemed to have a great time. Some more than others. There was one person who got so wasted at the wedding that he puked ALL over himself and even left a little path of puke on his way to the bathroom. It was disgusting. Since our table was right near the bathrooms we got to see the whole thing unfold. Not fun.

Who gets that drunk anyway? I understand drinking and having a good time. I myself have gotten a bit tipsy (read drunk) before but you don’t drink like you’re at a kegger. It’s a wedding. Have a little restraint. Plus you will forever be known as THAT guy who puked at the wedding. I felt especially bad for the women who took off their heels and were walking around barefoot!!! Just thinking about it makes me gag!

Speaking of inappropriate can we please talk about how people dress for weddings? There was a bunch of woman at the wedding that looked like rejects from “Rock of Love”. I couldn’t even understand how they could sit down with their dresses that short. Again we are at a wedding people, not a club. It just baffles me that a person going to a wedding would think a dress that just barely covers your ass would be appropriate wedding attire.

Besides that it was great. I sat at great table with all our family friends and there was never a lull in conversation. The best part? There was a candy bar at the wedding! During the dessert there was a buffet table set up with all different types of candy. They gave you a little bag and you just pilled everything in. they had everything from gummy bears to mini snickers bars. That was the best idea ever! The perfect little gift to bring home with you.

Sunday was so hot out that I actually laid out with my friend by her pool. Her parents decided to open it up early. The pool was way to cold to go in, but it felt nice to just have you feet in. Then we had a little BBQ outside on her porch. It was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.

What did you do this weekend?


Karen said...

I think you are in the lucky minority if you never have been THAT drunk at a wedding, work holiday party, family party or other inappropriate time. I can't say I have ever puked on the dance floor, but I have made a spectical of myself.

Glad you had a nice time and great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I used to work at a place that hosted a lot of weddings and I could not believe the clothes that some people would wear. It is ridiculous.