Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Few random thoughts for today
  • There are a bunch of people I work with who wash their hand BEFORE they go to the bathroom. WTF? You’re doing it backwards! Why would you wash your hands, knowing that in 20 seconds they will be dirty again and you will need to rewash them? Can anyone please explain why they are doing this??

  • I’m going to a wedding in a little over a week. It’s not a big fancy wedding, the bride was married before, but I still feel like I should wear a dress. I bought on the other day that was on clearance for 10 bucks. I LOVE this dress. My mother? Hates it. Nothing really new there, we have totally different tastes, but now I’m worried that it doesn’t look good and I have nothing to wear. I need a second opinion. Maybe if I remember I will take a picture and you can be the judge!

  • Oh and finally, I mentioned a while ago that I got a new dog. I left off with telling you that my family was fighting over his name. Then I never mentioned it again. Ooops. Anyway to make up for it I am posting a picture!

Meet Bruno!


Karen said...

I wash my hands before I use the bathroom if my hands are dirty. I am not putting grime or dirt near my girly bits. Also if I have my period and I am using a tampon because I don't want bacteria in me so I come down with TSS. I didn't think it was such an unusual practice. :-)

Bruno is cute! To me Bruno is a big scary dog, so I like the irony in the name. Sort of like an Irish guy name Salvatore or something. LOL

erin - heart in ireland said...

Bruno is adorable :)

And why doesn't your mom like the dress?