Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Great Escape

This past weekend I went down to see my friends from school in Maryland. It was a great time and I always forget how much fun we have together until I’m there and we can’t stop laughing. I always love days like that.

However my back was still hurting me that weekend which made sleeping on my friend’s couch no fun. I actually ended up leaving at 7am. Which worked out to my advantage because I hit no traffic and spent the day sleeping in the comfort of my own bed! Besides that, all was great.

My one friend who is a teacher has off this coming week for Easter. She asked me if I had any days, if I would want to maybe take off a day or two and do something. Since work has been killing me lately and I’ve been trying to find an excuse to take a mental health day, here was the perfect thing!!

We decided to check out prices in Atlantic City since that was about half way between us. I found a room at the Tropicana for only 49 DOLLARS!! How freaking sweet is that? Divide that by two and I’m only spending 25 dollars for a hotel room that includes breakfast at Starbucks the next day!

I could not be more excited! The perfect escape and it’s so cheap! Whenever I go to AC I only allow myself to spend a certain amount of money. Since I’m saving so much I won’t feel so bad when I do gamble. It’s not even about gambling, though I did have a dream that I won like 39 million dollars (random number no?) the other night, I’m just happy to get away from reality a little while and spend some time with my friend who I don’t get to see often enough.

Next Thursday while all my co-workers are praying for the day to go faster and for it to be the weekend already, you can find me in AC, drink in my hand, playing some slots!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great deal and it sounds like it will be a fun escape! Have fun!

Strawberry Swirl said...

I'm glad I'm no the only one having the same problem. This dating thing is just ridiculous.

erin - heart in ireland said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, I love meeting up with college friends :) And I'm finally getting to see a few of mine this weekend!

And I've never been to Atlantic City, but it sounds like a good time!

magda said...

Have a great trip! That's a steal of a deal; I think it must be a sign. And I think that's the greatest thing about vacation days, rather than set vacations a la school; while you're off enjoying yourself, everyone else suffers on. Enjoy it!