Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Everything Irie

I really have no idea where to start about my vacation. It was so beautiful down there and there was just so much stuff to do at the resort. Usually when you stay at an all-inclusive place the food, drinks, tip and things are included. A lot of times though any kind of water activity you may want to do aren’t. With this place they included tons of activities that I was so happy about! I usually tend to get ADD and really restless when I sit at the beach all day long. Here I didn’t have to worry about that because I was able to break up my day with funs things to do!

There was a trampoline in the ocean with was so much fun to go on.

There were paddleboats and kayaks you could take out whenever.

We did a glass bottom boat tour that was so cool.

The guy who did our tour apparently had a crush on me (more on that later) and took me and my friends out on the catamaran after the glass bottom boat and took us all around. That was by far my favorite thing.

Other things they offered that we didn’t get a chance to do were water skiing (I can’t because of my knee) and the banana boats (broken for the WHOLE week).

On top of all the activities they were always organizing games on the land. Whether it be volleyball, horseshoes or trivia there was always something going on.

They also were also playing music throughout the place from either a DJ or a live band. Although my only complaint about the music was this place LOVED the electric slide. They must have played that song literally 10 times a day! The best was when one of the bands played the song. They were three really old guys singing an acoustic slow version of the song. It was hilarious to hear it played like that. Especially the boogie oogie part. lol.

At night they had a show in the main area of the resort. If you didn’t want to see the show you could walk to the other side of the resort and go to the Jetty Bar, which was by far my favorite place. Instead of stools at the bar you sat on swings! Isn’t that the best idea ever?? You would get your drink and can sip and swing. Heaven.

The resort is technically only 3 Star, but honestly because of the service there it should be higher. The staff does their best to keep you happy and entertained. Also the front desk was really helpful and friendly. We had a problem with our room and right away we were able to switch to a much more comfortable room. Then that room had some ants in the bathroom but again right away they sent someone up and we had no more bugs.

All in all this is a place I would defiantly consider going to again in the future.

Since I don’t want to make this a super long post I am breaking it up. Each day this week will be a new post. Tomorrow will be pictures!


Karen said...

Glad you had a great trip. Personally I think drunk people (like me) would fall right off a swing! I think prefer safer seating. ;-)

erin - heart in ireland said...

wow! sounds like a blast! and the swings sound amazing!

i can't wait to see pics, i love the one from yesterday!