Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Party Bus

This weekend was amazing. It was my best friend’s 25th birthday and she decided to get a party bus to take us out so no one would have to worry about driving. I’ve never been on a party bus before.

They are awesome! The inside looks like a really big limo. Black leather seats that goes all the way around the bus. Lighting on the ceiling that sparkled and you could make however bright or low you wanted. They had an Ipod hook up and XM radio with surround sound speakers. It was like your very own club. The driver was really cool and thankfully took his time taking us to where we were going.

There were 12 of us in total and we just went crazy. It was one of those nights where everyone has a good time and there is no drama or problems at all. The next morning I was actually sore from dancing all night long!

I hadn’t had a night like that in a while and it was just what I needed.

Me and the birthday girl

Aerial Shot at the club

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