Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No problem mon!

While I was in Jamaica something happened to me that rarely EVER happens.

I was hit on. A lot.

I mean like every single guy who worked at the resort hit on me. I am not the kind of girl that has guys regularly approach me when I go out so this was interesting to say the least.

At first it was really flattering. Guys telling me how beautiful I am, writing their addresses down and asking me to keep in touch, even guys asking me to sleep with them within one minute of talking to them. One guy even told me that he thought about me while he was smoking up the night before. How romantic is that? Lol.

Then it quickly turned into me being really freaked out.

I mean everywhere I went it happened. While I was on the beach, the lifeguards and beach attendants would seek me out and come talk. One guy who called himself Sticky sought me out like 10 times a day. Every time he would ask me to be his girlfriend, ask if he could come visit me or ask when I would come back to see him.

What really got me was after the conversation was over instead of leaving he would just stand there staring at me. It was so awkward.

There was another man, Marlon, who said he wanted my body and that we would have a beautiful relationship. He was like 50, was missing teeth and was asking me to be his girlfriend! Then he would walk away about 20 feet, stand there and stare at me.

You know how some guys you can just tell that they are harmless, while others you met give you this feeling deep down that you want to stay away from them? Well that was how it was that week. Some guys would talk to me and I wouldn’t be freaked out or anything. It was just fun and flirty. Others like Sticky and Marlon really started to freak me out. I mean I would be walking back to my room and all of a sudden there is Sticky walking with me.

Also they would always try and get my friends and I to go off the resort and out with them. Since the resort has a lot of rules about staff talking to guests for to long, they would always ask us to meet them off the resort.

We went out once with this one guy Stewie who you could tell was harmless and actually really fun to hang out with. He really liked my one friend so I figured I was safe when we went out. Well turns out Stewie is really good friends with Sticky and invited him to come along. I was pretty pissed. Sticky was wasted before he even showed up and then the entire time was all over me. Sitting on a bar stool he was like glued next to me and kept on asking me to be his girlfriend.

Also the bar we went to was the sketchiest place I have ever been in. We were the only girls in the place and every single man there approached us. After about an hour I was done and just wanted to get back to the resort. When we left Sticky came and kept on trying to kiss me. Which was really awkward again.

Then they finally left and right before we got to the resort one of the guys from the bar came up to me and asked why I wouldn’t talk to him when he was giving me the look the whole time. I tried to be polite but at that point I was fed up so I just said goodbye and went into the resort.

While it was nice to get attention like that, I just wish it hadn’t been so intense for the entire week. Most of the guys though were fun; it was just the few bad ones that really irked me.

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magda said...

Oh how funny! Kind of creepy but mostly flattering, I think?

A similar thing happened to a friend of mine when she studied abroad in Africa; as a joke, her friends kept a tally of the marriage proposals she received that semester. I don't remember the exact number, but it was in the hundreds. A week seems like about all I could handle!

Sounds like you had a great vacation, though : )