Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bad Day

So it's only 1pm here and today has been such a shitty day.

Its like every. single. person I am dealing with today is giving me attitude and/or just being plain mean to me.

One person even yelled at me. I mean screaming so loud that I had to move the phone away from my ear. Talk about being unprofessional.

The thing is, I'm trying to be sooo nice to them, and doing everything in my power to make the situations right. They are just not happy with any of my solutions.

Also what they don't realize is it's not me who is doing this; I'm just the messenger. Part of my job is dealing with difficult people so the higher ups don't have to.

I get that, but the same time once in a while I would like a little courtesy from the people I have to deal with. Or some recognition for the crap I have to take.

Maybe I’m just PMSing but I really can’t take anymore of people’s nastiness. Especially when the problem is NOT my fault. You effed up and I’m just trying to fix it. Work with me here!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Sorry. At least it is almost Friday!