Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My mom’s party was a success!! Not without a few hitches in the beginning though!

She was really cranky that morning and basically refused to leave the house when her friend came to pick her up to go to lunch!! It took a half an hour of pestering her to get out of her PJs and go out!

She was being so stubborn that I thought I was going to have to tell her. Also I was freaking out because my Aunt and Grandma were going to be there any minute!! The whole day I was a big ball of nerves, hoping everything would go as planned. Also I started to get nervous that my mom would be mad at me for doing this! The house is under some construction right now and all she ever says is how much of a mess it is. It doesn’t look that bad, most of the work is done, but my mom can be a bit of a drama queen.

Once she was out of the house, my brother and I quickly set everything up, and the caterer arrived and set up the buffet for us. I was so surprised at how quickly we got everything done. By the time my Aunt arrived to help we were done!

Once everything was set up we were just waiting for people to arrive. Then my aunt started to panic when it was close to the time my mom was getting back and no one had come yet!! She was actually pacing around the house! Thankfully everyone pretty much arrived at once and with plenty of time to spare before my mom got back.

Since I live on a small street it was basically impossible to hid people’s cars. My brother got the idea for everyone to gather outside when my mom pulled up and do the surprise like that.

So when my mom’s friend called me, we all went outside to surprise her. Boy was she surprised!! She was freaking out about not having any makeup on!! She was really happy though, which was such a relief for me!!

About 40 people came and I was so touched that everyone made the effort to come. It was a great party, the food was a hit, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was a little chaotic because my house was so crowded, but it was a good chaos where you just know people are having a good time.

I’m happy everything worked out and that my mom had a great birthday!!

P.S. I did take pictures but completely forgot to upload them this weekend. Hopefully I will remember and put them up this weekend!


Karen said...

Awesome! I am so happy. Can't wait for photos!

erin - heart in ireland said...

yay :)

glad she had a good time and was surprised!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it went well!! :)