Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Waiting game

After a month of waiting I finally went to the doctor yesterday!! Since he was in the city and I had a appointment at 8, I had to catch a train at 5:15 in the morning!! Needless to say I was extremely tired all day. It didn’t even start to get light when I arrived in NY. Ugh.

Anyway after a quick subway I was at my appointment like a half hour early. Which was good because I had to get x-rays and fill out new paperwork. Finally I saw the Dr. and he told me that my pain can be one of two things.

One was that I bruised the inside of my bone which meant I almost broke it when I fell! This could take up to 6 months to heal!!! The other option is I may have torn my cartilage. This is also a great possibility because I am susceptible to this. On my other knee I’ve torn my cartilage like 6 times!

He told me I should wait a few more weeks and if I’m still in pain and don’t think I’m getting better I will have to go for an MRI.

I’m not too keen on waiting though. I would rather just have it done now so I will know for sure what the problem is. I hate this waiting game. On the other hand though if I do go for the MRI and nothing is wrong I will feel like a complete idiot.

I decided to give it another month and see what happens. It would be amazing if the pain went away by then, but I don’t have the best luck when it comes to these things. Something is almost always wrong!

Keep your fingers crossed just in case!

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Doc said...

Ouch... Hope it heals soon.