Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What if?

The party for my mom seems to be coming together really nicely.

This past weekend I spent running around buying what I would need, ordering food, and calling people and everything seems to be done, and everyone I invited is coming.

Everything has fallen into place and it's kinda freaking me out! Usually I'm working things out until the last minute but everything is done. Which is why I've been freaking out about nothing.

What if I forget something?

What if everyone will forget and no one will show up?

What if I didn't order enough food?

What if I ordered too much?

What if my mom will be pissed I gave her this party?

I know deep down, that no matter what happens everything will be fine. I just can't help thinking about the What ifs though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good work on getting everything arranged already! You could try doing things so that the what ifs have a harder time of happening like sending out a reminder about the party so no one will forget. I hope it goes well!