Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day

Today is technically Thursday for me!! I am so happy to have off this coming Thursday and Friday. Plus I only have to work a half day on Wednesday!!!

Thanksgiving is defiantly my favorite holiday. Seeing old friends out the night before, going to the annual High School Thanksgiving game in the morning, having my family come over for dinner, the delicious food, and shopping on Black Friday. I can’t wait!!

Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest nights out where I live. Bars get insanely crowded. Filled with the people you went to high school, and even middle and elementary school, with. I love seeing everyone, even though the crowd can get a little crazy.

The football game on Thanksgiving has been going on for decades. Hundreds and hundreds of people go to the game. Even though the other team almost always loses it is still a big rivalry. I also get to see a lot of friends and old acquaintances here.

Thanksgiving has always been at my mom’s house. About 20 family members come down to celebrate. I love my family, even though they can be crazy, and it always makes me happy to see them. Plus my mom is an amazing cook so the food is out of this world. In the evening old friends stop by to say hello and have some dessert.

On Friday, I am one of those crazy people who goes shopping. Nothing to crazy, I usually go out about 11am to avoid some of the crowds and just hit a few stores. I’ve been really good this year and have my Christmas list almost done. Just need to pick up something for my brother and I’m done!

What do you do for Thanksgiving? Will you be braving the crowds on Friday?


erin - heart in ireland said...

have fun tonight!
i've never done the wed. night bar, but it is also big here. i dont really have the desire to have a mini hs reunion!

happy thanksgiving!

jamie said...

I definitely didn't brave the crowds. Hopefully you had some luck!