Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!! Mine was really nice. Perfect weather, bbqs, and seeing good friends. I honestly love bbqs and getting together with friends. Especially when the weather was as nice as it was this weekend. I also spent way too much money. lol

On Saturday I went shopping for some shoes for the fall. I only have sandals or sneakers and I really needed some flats for the colder months. I went to the outlets near me and picked up a gorgeous pair of Cole Haan gray flats. They are seriously soo pretty and they were like 90 dollars off from the original price!!

Then I bought a Michael Kors bag. The zipper on the purse I currently had broke, and I've been looking for a replacement for a while. I'm pretty picky about bags, but the second I saw this I knew it was perfect. It was also on sale!! It was still a lot of money, but a lot less money than it would normally be. Plus bags are the one thing I always splurge one. Isn't it so pretty??

Then I managed to buy two more flats, one bronze and another black. But both pairs together was under 60 bucks which was awesome. Plus I had to buy a birthday gift for a friend. I definitely spent way too much money, but I don't really plan on doing much more shopping for the fall. I'm set for now.

How did you spend your labor day?

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Karen said...

I spend a lot on my bags and shoes too. But I generally buy things that last and are more classic.

I bought Michael Kors sun glasses at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets this summer. I had a 50% discount because my friend is a leasing agent for the company (for only one item) and still felt like I was getting ripped off. I am not sure that store has great bargains. But they have great stuff!