Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I’m back!!

It’s like forever since I last wrote a post. I wanted to write yesterday, but I was so busy at work that I barely had time to eat my lunch. Anyway, things are getting back to normal so I thought I would share a little about my vacation. It was AMAZING. Cabo is a really really amazing place. The weather was perfect the whole time. It was upper 80s to 90s, but since there is no humidity it was beautiful. They had these little huts on the beach, so if you got to hot, if you went under there it was cool and beautiful. The week flew by, don’t they always, but it was still perfect. The only little problem was the guy that I mentioned before that came. I am now convinced that he may actually be mentally ill. I have never met someone that is in capable of listening or processing what people say. I can’t even explain what he does. But if you say something, he will literally twist it around to be completely different. For example, we were out and he bought a beer and we calculated it and it turned out to only cost a $1.50 for a freaking corona! So we were like hey, that was really cheap! And he totally flipped out and yelled at us. All he kept saying was “Don’t start with me! Shut the F*** up!” Needless to say we all had no idea what the hell just happened. And then he wouldn’t talk to us for a while. Finally we were like hey what the hell is wrong with you, he was like I don’t need you guys to be ruining my time here. It took forever to explain what we actually said. It was completely ridiculous and the same things kept on happening the whole. At one point he said, “You guys are ruining my vacation experience.” And that was it, I told him that he wouldn’t be having a vacation experience if it wasn’t for me and to shut up so he can stop ruining mine. After that I just avoided him as much as I could. I am just glad that I will hopefully never have to deal with him again. Okay it’s actually getting busy again here. So hopefully tomorrow I will have time to tell you everything that I did and maybe put up some pictures!

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