Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can I add dog walker to my resume?

Last weekend I decided to get my dog out of the house more. Since I work so late the only time I can really give him a good walk is on the weekends. For the first walk we only were out for about 30 minutes. You would think we were gone for 3 hours. My dog didn’t know what to do with himself. We were halfway home and his tongue was basically hitting the floor and was panting like crazy. He’s only 10 pounds!! There is no reason he should have been so tired. This makes me more determined to try and walk him whenever I can. Plus added bonus, its good exercise!

Speaking of walking. When I go to work in the morning I always have my ipod in. I get bored easily so listening to music on the train helps the time go by faster. Plus if I put on some easy listening I can usually fall asleep for part of the ride. I don’t take it off until I get into the office. It was weird when I took my dog for a walk because I didn’t take my ipod with me. I felt a little naked without it. It was like I didn’t know what to do with myself. After a while, I relaxed and realized how not listening to music makes you really appreciate your surroundings. You take your time, you notice what’s going on, and you can really take in the beauty of the day. I know I’m sounding lame right now, but seriously who does that nowadays? Really stop to take in what is going on around them. Being a commuter, you basically power walk to your office and plow people down that are going to slow. I am defiantly that person who gets pissed when someone pauses to look at something. But now I see the other side of it. So while I will still be listening to my tunes on the way to work, on the weekends when I walk with my dog it will not be allowed.

Also I feel like if I took it my dog would feel ignored. You know when someone has your headphones on and it is so awkward trying to talk to them and/or you feel like your annoying them? Well I didn’t want my dog to feel that way. Which I know sounds stupid, but I would feel bad if I did that.


Karen said...

For some reason I don't like to listen to my ipod on the train or when I am walking. I sort of feel like I might miss something important. I am a freak.

AY@tes said...

I had something really cool and mind blowingly cool to write here when I opened it this morning.

In the meantime: Music is a great part of my life and now that we have a dog I find that I'm leaving the headphones at home when I take him outside.