Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Thoughts: where did the Summer go??

It’s been a crazy busy week for me work wise. I haven’t really had a moment to myself, hence the lack of posting. I might have to start writing when I get home instead. The last thing I want to do is stop blogging, which I am afraid will happen if I continue this. By the way is it bloging or blogging? Oh well. I’ve tried keeping journals in the past, but I always forgot about them or just stopped doing them for whatever reason. I never really commit to them; I have about 4 different ones in my room that were started at different times. I never really commit to anything but that’s another story. But I am committed to keeping up with this. It is important to me; it helps keep me level headed about things.

Well anyway back to my life. It is pretty boring. Nothing new to report. Expect that I am so happy being able to park at the train station. It really saves me some time in the day. I even get home a few minutes earlier now. Which isn’t really a lot but it does make a difference between getting home at 8:30 and 8:40.

I am very happy it is almost Friday. This week has seriously flown by. I cannot believe that the weekend after is Labor Day!! Where did the summer go?? Since that will be my last summer Friday, I decided to take a half-day and have a nice little 4-day weekend. That Friday I will be going to visit some friends in Maryland. I am a little worried about traffic, but I’m hoping if I leave really early I should beat it. I will come back late Saturday so I can avoid traffic, and that way I still have 2 days to just relax and enjoy my weekend.

This coming weekend I will be going to the beach. It’s been so nice out and with summer quickly coming to an end I want to go as much as I can. Plus last weekend my trip to the beach kind of sucked thanks to a creepy old man that decided to stalk me, making me leave much earlier than I wanted. Seriously this guy was ridiculous. One his bathing suit was yellow and completely see through. He put his towel right near mine and proceeded to keep inching closer and closer to mine. He was even lying on his side just staring. THEN when I went into the water, HE went in to. Never right near but I could feel him staring. SOOOO CREEPY. When I got back, he was really close to my towel so I just packed up. As I was packing, he stated to pack up. I got really scared and went on my cell phone and pretended to talk to someone as I walked back to my car. Thankfully he didn’t follow me. He just decided to go down the beach and park right next to another girl; I guess he hoped he would have better luck there. I was grossed out for the rest of the day. Why do I always seem to attract these kinds of people?? Where are the normal guys???


Karen said...

I ducked out of work today and headed to the beach. I just needed some time away. I ended up meeting friends in Deal and now I am chilling by myself at my parent's shore house. :)

Anonymous said...

Yuck to the guy at the beach. I hate when things like that happen.

I haven't been writing or commenting as much lately but I'm trying to keep up. I have trouble with committing to things too.