Monday, August 18, 2008

A few things

I no longer have to park in the “satellite”, AKA the Sears parking lot that is about 1.5 miles away, lot to take the train. I can now park at the actual train station. No more having to take the shuttle, which means I get to sleep in 15 minutes later every morning! I am very excited. I’m not really sure why I got this before a lot of the other shuttle riders. Some of them have been waiting YEARS to get into the train station lot. Luck was on my side I guess. My fellow shuttle buddies were all very jealous of me when they saw me walking up.

Then I get to work this morning and when I went to the vending machine to buy a bottle of water (I had forgotten mine at home) I ended up with TWO. This must be my lucky day or something. I also find it strange at how these 2 things can make me so happy. But whatever it’s the little things like this that get you through the day.

Today is my grandma’s 86th birthday. We had a nice little get together on Saturday to celebrate. The woman is 86 and is in better health than I am. I am in complete awe of this woman. One day I must make a post about her and all that’s she’s done. It is amazing; especially considering she never went to school and can’t read or write English.

At the get together we had homemade Manicotti, meatballs, chicken, eggplant parmigean, and broccoli rob. All this food she made from scratch, most of it came from her garden, including the tomato sauce, and the only thing she bought from the store was the chicken and meat. She really should have opened up a restaurant she is an amazing cook.

This coming weekend my best friend is finally coming home!! I am so excited to have her back! It’s only Monday but I am seriously counting down the days to next weekend.


Karen said...

I want to come to grandma's for dinner next time, ok? That food sounds delish! Congrats on all the good luck.

Alexandreena said...

Sounds like a good stretch of time. enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Yay for getting to park in the train lot! I can't imagine adding a shuttle to my commute. You are right though, it gets easier as each day passes.