Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going up??

The building where I work only has 12 floors. You would think that since there are 3 elevators that it wouldn’t really take that long for the elevator to reach your floor. It’s actually quite the opposite. It takes forever to reach my floor. I always feel like I am waiting forever for the elevator to come. Mix that with my impatience and the need to get to the hell out of the office at the end of the day, and you have a very angry person.

Well yesterday I was waiting for the elevator to come. About a minute passes by (but I swear it feels like 5) and I start to pace back and forth. In my mind, the pacing will make the elevator come more quickly. Another minute goes by (which is like 10 for me) and I’m really getting angry. I’m walking around in circles because the pacing just wasn’t cutting it. Finally another minute goes by and I’m about ready to take the stairs. Walking down 11 flights will of course be faster than this thing!!! As I make my way to the door, I look down and I see that I DID NOT PRESS THE BUTTON!!! I am an idiot. Of course as soon as I hit the down button the elevator is there within seconds. I really need to get my head together. I am officially losing it.


Anonymous said...

Love it when that happens. Hehe.

Alexandreena said...

I've done that at least once in my office building

CC said...

thanks for the make-up tips! you rock! i can't wait to try out some of that stuff.

i have hazel eyes btw, they sort of alternate between being fairly green or light brown. any eyeshadow suggestions? :)

Karen said...

LOL. too funny.