Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where did the time go?

I recently realized that I am quickly approaching my 100th post! I can’t believe I have made it this far. Now I’ve been thinking of a way to mark this special occasion and I’ve come up with a few options. One is that I reveal my actual first name. The other is that I will post a picture of myself. Now let me preface this that I may not do either. I like being anonymous and I feel like if I were to reveal either of the two someone I know would absolutely find me.

Which is why I am asking you. If I were to do one, which should it be? And if you have any tips on how to sooth my paranoia so that I can get the guts to do either would be great!

Finally to close out the post, I am putting some pictures up from my adventure at the corn maze!

Our lovely hayride

As you can see, we were all alone on the ride

My cousin try to find her way out. Little did we know it was right around the corner.

I took this in the car on the way home. It is currently my background on my computer.

We had better scenery in the car then we did at the farm!


Ashley D said...

Hmm... I vote for the picture. At least then we can have a face to go with the blog. :)

Karen said...

I think either is great way to mark your 100th.

What has been holding you back from sharing your name or photo? Is it that your real life peeps may find out you blog? Or is it that your blog buddies might judge you?

I personally like that I am not anonymous. It makes me feel like the blog friends I have made are real friends. It has made me comfortable meeting other bloggers in real life.

That is not to say it has always been easy. My real life friends read and judge sometimes, but I am ok with that now.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 100 is quite the accomplishment :) I'd say do whatever you are comfortable with, I haven't shown either so I don't really feel like I can give any advice.

Alexandreena said...

Congrats on the 100 posts! Yay!

Picture sounds fun. Maybe one with a large hat that covers most of your face :)

Maris said...

Isn't it crazy how fast time goes? I always feel old when I say things like that but it really does. I've been blogging since May, and I feel like I practically just started but already I'm at 80 posts!

Can't wait to see what you decide for #100!