Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The sign of the times

The company I work for laid off a bunch of people yesterday. It was bound to happened sooner or later, we’ve all noticed the drop in the amount of work we had. Thankfully, my job is still securely intact but I do feel bad for the people who were let go. It also makes me even more grateful that I got a raise at all this year.

I have also put the whole job search on hold for a while. All the websites that list jobs don’t have very many listings and now is not the time to be trying to move to a different field. I just have to wait for things to pickup before I start actively looking again.

For now I’m just going to concentrate on the job I have and not give my employers any reason to want to let me go. In reality I should have been the one to go yesterday because I’ve been here the least amount of time. Thankfully my boss went with who does their job better and I was able to keep my job.


Rachel said...

I'm glad you kept your job. Similar things are going on at my company. I kept my job while the girl who had been here for 2+ years got laid off.

erin - heart in ireland said...

That must be hard to watch co-workers get laid off, you're happy because your safe (for now) but worried.

At least they see you are doing a great job!

AY@tes said...

I'm happy that you still have your job! It must be really hard to go back into work feeling motivated to get stuff done after watching so many people leave and not come back.