Tuesday, March 31, 2009


First I was slightly disappointed that not more people asked me questions, but no worries!! I know that more people then usual read the post so I will take what I can get!! Now for the 2 that asked me questions here are the answers!

Miss Musing asked, “Do you spend any time in NYC? If so, what's your favorite restaurant, bar, museum, etc?”

Unfortunately because of my work hours and my commute I don’t get to go out in the city as much as I would like. However recently I went to a place called Porkys. If you are looking for a through back to your college days and miss being able to play beer pong all the time then this is the place for you! I had a blast when I went.

For great pizza check out Waldy’s. The oven is wood burning and the pizza is amazing. Thin and crispy and they have a tons of different toppings that you can choose from. Great place for lunch!

Erin asked, “As a fellow Jersey girl, what is your favorite thing about living here?”

This question was really hard because I love being a Jersey girl. What’s better then being only a short drive to NYC, Philadelphia and Atlantic City?? Or the fact that we have the best pizza and bagels anywhere, sorry but Domino’s doesn’t count as real pizza. Also I love how many famous people love to call Jersey their home! A few even close to my town.

My favorite thing about living here is being so close to the beach. Not many people can say that they live only 20 minutes for a beach. I am a beach girl and I wouldn’t know what I would do if I didn’t live near the water.

Hope you liked my answers!


Anonymous said...

I liked these answers and congrats on the one year! I realize this is past the deadline but my question would be: How is the dog doing? Did you end up deciding on a name? I'm sorry if you mentioned it and I missed it. I've been a bad blog reader as of late. I'm back though :)

erin - heart in ireland said...

i totally agree, nj has the best pizza and bagels. i miss it so much since i haven't really lived there in a few years now.

i wish my home was slightly closer to the beach, i'm closer to PA.