Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What’s in a name?

Who knew that so much drama could happen with naming a dog? My family apparently hates the name Winston, which by the way my mom came up with but now hates. We went back to the drawing board to get a new name and basically have yet to reach a decision.

We want a unique name for the dog and everyone has to agree. Well that’s not easy.

Here are some names that have been vetoed. Baxter, Archie, Augustus (Gus), Roscoe, Dexter, Dante, Caesar, and so many more.

My mom doesn’t really care either way what we call him. It’s my brother that’s giving me a problem. Since he decided that he does like the dog, he is now adamant about being apart of the dog naming process. Back and forth we go all day long about this. I want to get a name so I can finally get this dog a tag for his collar.

Our newest choices? I like the name Bruno. He likes Fabio. However he also kinda likes Bruno too. I’m hoping to sway him somehow.

What do you think of these names? Do you have any recommendations?

When we finally reach a decision I will let you know!

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