Thursday, March 12, 2009

Commute from hell

Dear NJ Transit,

For the past 2 weeks you have cause me nothing but headaches. Is it possible for you to stop messing up and run on time for once? It’s bad enough when I’m late for work because I was stuck on the train for 2 hours, but canceling my train home the other night was NOT cool. I had to wait 30 minutes for the next train that was a local and 20 minutes longer then my normal train.

I get home from work late enough, I would much appreciate it if you could at least make an effort to not make it any later.


Can’t stand getting home from work after 9 pm


Rachel said...

Did I know you were in Jersey? I don't think I did - where in Jersey do you commute to/from?

Rachel said...

I grew up in (and this summer, moved back to) the Paramus- Bergen County area. I commute to Morristown. Middletown is more central Jersey right?

'Megan' said...

must be horrible. Commuting always feels like a waste of time, but not too bad if you've got a riveting book.