Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where real life meets blog life

This year Blogher is going to be in Chicago. A city I’ve always wanted to visit. However there were a lot of issues that was preventing me from signing up to go. One was the cost. I wasn’t sure if I could swing paying for the flight, accommodations and the pass for the event. Two I feel like only serious bloggers go to this thing. Would I feel out of place with my little ol’ blog?

Finally no one in my real life knows I blog. What would I say to them? Hey I’m going to Chicago by myself randomly for 3 days. I would have to tell them about my blog and then I would get pestered about my blog and I would get paranoid about someone I know finding my little space on the web.

Either way there were a lot of factors, and by the time I decided that maybe I should go and expand my horizons only one day of the conference was left to purchase. I don’t think it would be worth it to go all that way for just one day of stuff.

Maybe next year it will be held someplace closer to me so I won’t feel so weird about going. Plus the cost would be much less. Also I wanted to maybe try and go to the 20 something blogger meet up but that’s on my birthday weekend so that’s a big no for this year.

I’m almost positive I will still be blogging next year and hopefully I won’t feel so awkward about going to these things!!


Miss Merry said...

don't feel awkward, you should come! i'll probably be there since i now live in Chi. we can def meet up!

Miss Merry said...

oh wait, you're talking about Blogher, yeah, i probably won't go to that either, but you should definitely come to the 20sb Blogger thing that's in Chicago this year!!