Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

After spending what seemed to be months of searching I finally booked my vacation for this summer!!!

I am going to Jamaica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t be more excited. I have never been there before and the place we my friends and I are staying seems really nice. It’s all-inclusive and there are tons of daily activities offered that is included that most AI places don’t usually offer. Such as water skiing, banana boats, snorkeling, glass bottom boat rides and so much more!

Have any of you ever been to Jamaica?? I would appreciate any tips you have to offer.

The only downside to this is I have to wait til the end of August for my trip! It seems way to far away. I might have to take a few long weekends to help me along.

Have you ever been in a good mood but it just seems the world is out to make it gloomy? That was yesterday for me. I woke up in a good mood and it was like everyone tried to bring me down. Co-workers, my boss, my mom, friends, and even my dog!

The little shit (literally) had diarrhea yesterday and pooped on the floor. Luckily it is hardwood floors so it usually easy to clean up, but either my family didn’t notice the poop or just ignored it because by the time I came home last night it was STUCK to the floor. It took me having to get on my hands and knees and scrub vigorously until it was off.

What started out as me being in a really good mood quickly deteriorated into me being completely pissed off at the world. Luckily I woke up again this morning in another great mood and so far the world doesn’t seem to be coming after me!

How could I be in a bad mood when I just booked a vacation, my office is having a pot luck lunch today, it's gorgeous out, and I get to leave at 2 tomorrow to enjoy a, hopefully, beautiful three day weekend!!

What is your mood like today?

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Anonymous said...

My mother is from there...born and raised and I have been there several times. I can email you some places you must visit, good eats...etc.

I am jealous! You will have a wonderful time.

I stumbled on your blog not to long ago and have been meaning to comment...

Writing is my therapy too,
Oh... and I really like your blog!