Thursday, July 16, 2009

6th sense

My dog almost puked on my bed this morning! I woke up to him making those noises that dogs make when they are about to blow and I quickly put him on the floor before there was a HUGE mess. Not the best way to start my morning.

I’ve been all messed up with my days this week. On Monday I thought it was FRIDAY (HA I wish!). Wednesday felt like Tuesday and today feels like a Monday. I’m so confused! Also I love how each day of the week conveys certain feelings!

This weekend I plan on taking my cousins to the boardwalk. I haven’t been to the boardwalk all summer so I think I may be more excited then they are to go!

I still have not bought my plane tickets for my trip to Jamaica. All this crap keeps on happening to prevent me from buying them and I’m starting to freak out. Every day I go online and see that the prices are even higher then they were last time. I keep on having this recurring nightmare that I’m just not going to be able to go. I will feel better once the tickets will be booked, which I hope happens this weekend.

Have you ever had a paranoid feeling that something is wrong? Like deep down in your gut you feel like something bad is going to happen? I’ve had that feeling ALL day and I can’t seem to shake it. I would like to just pin point the reason so I can deal with it and go away. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

Have you experienced this? Even better have you experienced that and find out that something WAS wrong? That’s happened to me before. It was freaky.


Karen said...

Recently I have been getting feeling a lot. It is a crazy and annoying anxiety. I hate it. Recently I have been off and nothing has been wrong, but sometimes I am right.

Just book the ticket! What is the problem?? Do you really not want to go?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if maybe you don't want to go to Jamaica and that's why you're hesitating?? I just booked a one way ticket (ahh scary!) and also another trip and it really does feel much more settled once everything is done.

I've felt like something was wrong when something was wrong and when something wasn't. I hate it though because I feel like I'm just waiting for the bad news. I hope you feel better!