Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today on the train I had the pleasure of sitting by a girl who literally talked on her cell phone the entire hour and ten minutes.

The best part?

The bulk of that conversation was about her finding a dress for Halloween!!!

Did I miss something? It is still July right? Who the hell starts to freak out about getting a costume now?!?!?

Then she was going on and on about her job as a camp counselor and how hard it was. Really? It's hard?? Really? Playing outside with kids all day is hard? I was a lifeguard and Swim teacher for rowdy kids and I loved every minute of it. I defiantly don't remember it being hard.

Then she was complaining about how young she looks and she is worried about it being a problem for when she goes on vacation and getting trashed. Which was actually funny to hear because that was defiantly a concern of mine when I was younger. And actually still is. Sucks having a baby face.

However I would have never talked about it when I was in a train where the whole car can hear me! I don’t like to inform the world about private matters, but that’s just me.

She went on about a few other things but I won’t relay them back. I just don’t understand why people talk on a cell phone so loudly. Or why do you talk on a cell phone on a train that is dead silent. You have to realize that everyone can hear you right? Maybe she thought she was cool talking about these things. Which really wouldn’t surprise me. If it was me? I would feel like an ass.

End rant.


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I used to feel so uncomfortable when people were speaking really loudly about private matters on the train. It's so hard not to listen and yet it feels wrong. It definitely made me speak softly when I was on the train!

Karen said...

I don't do public transportation often, but when I have, I have used my phone. I mean, isn't the ride BORING? I can't sleep on a train. I could read, I guess or use the ipod, but I would be so bored. But texting and chatting on the phone will be would be my choice.