Monday, July 6, 2009


I had a really nice long weekend. It was really laid back which was exactly what I needed.

Friday I went to the beach in the morning and it was great, until it started pouring at noon. Which was fine. I tend to get ADD if I’m at the beach for to long. I can’t seem to sit still. I got to the beach early that day so I was about ready to leave when it started to get cloudy. The rest of the day was me just relaxing followed by a trip to Ulta to use a gift card I got for my birthday. I love Ulta. I can literally spend hours in there wandering around.

Also I went to a friend’s house for a BBQ. Every year on the 3rd there is fireworks near me. It’s a really big event and loads of people come down. I love them but because of the amount of people we have to park about 2 miles away and walk to where they are. I’ve done it before but this year I was just not feeling it. I knew my foot wouldn’t be able to handle all the walking and standing so I just went to the BBQ and left when they all started walking. Honestly I wasn’t even that bummed out about missing them.

Saturday I headed to the beach again. I left really early to beat the traffic and it was gorgeous out! No humidity, plenty of sun and a nice breeze. To me there is nothing better then being on a beach reading a book. It was a great way to celebrate the holiday. The water was also really nice. It wasn’t crazy cold like it usually is. After I got bored I headed home to enjoy the rest of the day watching movies.

Sunday I went to a BBQ at family friends. It was good to see them and enjoy the day outside like that.

I was sad to have to go back to work today. It was such a nice weekend I didn’t want it to end! Also it made me sad that I have to wait almost 2 months until my vacation!! I ready to have a break NOW.

How was your Fourth of July?


cowboyboot lady said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday weekend. Reading a book on the beach sounds very relaxing! What book? Anything good?

I went to a farm down in SE Missouri. The land was amazing! I even slept in a horse trailer...seriously. I posted some pics on my blog.

I know...returning to work after time off is such a drag!

cowboyboot lady said...

If you enjoy young adult fiction, check out Francesca Lia Block. She's a talented author and her books are so much fun to read! I've read them all!