Tuesday, July 21, 2009


-The sale at Nordstrom. Hello beautiful clothes that are actually affordable. Oh and the shoes!
-Can’t get enough of the shoes.
-True Blood. I defiantly am going to pick up the books soon. I am dying to find out what’s going to happen!
-So you think you can dance. That show is so good this year that I don’t even have a favorite yet. -I can’t wait for tomorrow!My dog. He is just adorable and trouble maker, which is too cute that I can’t get mad.

-Leaving my dog to go to work or anywhere really. He actually starts to cry.
-That I have no while power when it comes to certain things like shopping and eating food I shouldn’t be.
-That it’s only Tuesday
-Being bored at work.

-Getting to leave work soon
-My friends coming to visit in 2 weeks.

How are you feeling today?


Karen said...

I ate White Castle for lunch. I am feeling totally pukey. Check back later. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I keep reading about this sale at Nordstrom but I missed it. Probably for the best although the shoes there are amazing. I like to walk around just looking at them.

I just started watching Tree Blood. I've heard the books are good too.

It rained all day so I was feeling kind of cagey but now I'm catching up on blogs and enjoying the evening :)