Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red White and Blue

I still have some major writers block going on. I just can’t seem to form words on paper. Also doesn’t it seem like everyone is up and quitting their blog??? I hate that! I feel like I’m losing a friend each time that happens. It’s so strange how you can feel like you know someone so well even though you’ve never actually meet them before! Even though I may not be blogging as much right now, I will keep it up!! I’m way to invested in it now!

I’ve also been under the weather for the past two weeks, which may be why I don’t feel like writing or doing anything in general. I have this cough that makes me sound like a 90-year-old smoker and everyone around me cringes each time I cough. On Friday I finally caved in and went to the doctor. After waiting over an hour to see her, she told me I basically wasn’t sick enough. My throat wasn’t red enough, the cough not phlegmy enough, and my nose not stuffed up enough. WTF is that? Who says that?

On a whim she decided to do a strep test just in case. On Monday she called to let me know that I do have Strep Throat!! Even though I hate to be sick, I was happy that I there was something wrong with me if it was only to prove her wrong! Monday I started anti-biotics and hopefully this whole thing will be gone in a few days.

Even though it’s the 4th of July this weekend I don’t really feel like being all that social. I just want to rest up and start feeling better. I haven’t had a good night sleep in weeks and it’s really starting to take its toll on me. Also after last weekend I really don’t’ think my liver can handle any more drinking. I don’t want to miss anything either. I’m just going to play everything by ear.

On the plus side my office gave us Friday off to make it a long weekend! Also they are letting us leave early tomorrow!! I’m really happy about that!!

What are your plans for this holiday weekend?


Karen said...

I am sure your office is very kind and all - but they have to give you off on Friday. It is a national holiday observation. ;-)

I plan on laying low this weekend also!.

cowboyboot lady said...

I am sorry to hear you have strep throat! Yuck! I haven't had that in years! Rest up this weekend, get lots of sleep and feel better!

I am going to SE Missouri to a huge party on a farm. Should be interesting...I'll post about it next week!

CC said...

hey i'm still here! sorry, i've been pretty sucky about posting/commenting. hope you're feeling better and enjoy your long weekend! :)