Friday, September 19, 2008

Can I go home?

On top of everything else this week I am sick. Seriously WTF?? It’s still technically summer and here I am sick. I really hope that this is the only time I get sick this year. It sucks. It started with a simple sore throat and escalated quickly to some very gross stuff. Unfortunately because of my vacations and other various days off I only have FIVE days available to take off until February. My company thought it was a genius idea that instead of having vacation days and sick days, why not just combine everything together? No, that is not a good idea. It gives us less days off and makes me want to NEVER take a sick day because I want to have fun on my PTOs (paid days off). So here I am at work, busy as usual and slowly dieing. I’m being a little over dramatic right now but I can be because I’m sick.

The best is that my mother, who’s a nurse, doesn’t seem to either care and/or believe that I’m sick. When I first told her this she told me to take a vitamin. A VITAMIN. I had no idea that a vitamin can cure a sore throat, congestion, and a nauseous stomach. Did you know that? Then this morning I was in a pissy mood because I don’t feel well but I still have to work, man I really wish I were still in school this would have totally be a “play hooky” day. Anyway when she asked me what was wrong, I was told her that I felt worse then ever. Her response, “Well if you would have listened to me and taken a vitamin you wouldn’t be like this”. Seriously. My mother who is a Director of Nursing where she works told me this. Um last time I checked vitamins help you stay healthy and strong, it’s preventative NOT a cure. That only made my day that much worse. Where is my mom when I was younger who would tell me everything will be okay, force me to stay home, and make me delicious pastina and anything else I wanted? I know I’m in my twenties and supposed to be a “grown-up” but days like this I want my mommy back!

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