Monday, September 29, 2008


Last Friday I had originally planned on taking a half-day in order to go to the doctors. Then after thinking about it, I decided to just take the whole day off, even though I have very few days left to take off until February. I really just don’t think I could have been able to bear it commuting almost 4 hours roundtrip to work for 4 hours. I did that the whole summer when we had summer Fridays and it sucked. Also we had terrible weather, which was all the more reason for me not to go. I am really glad I did that because I was at the doctors forever and if I would have went to work before hand I would have been starving when I finally got home!

Why is that when you go to the doctor you wait for so long only to see the doctor for 15 minutes? I got there at 3 o’clock and I didn’t see the doctor until 4:15. I was out of the office just after 4:30. That is ridiculous. But there is nothing you can do, you just have to grit your teeth and pray for the doctor to move faster.

Other than that though it was a great day off. I woke up crazy early because of my internal alarm, but it was okay because I got to watch Zach and Kelly get married on Saved by the Bell. I really miss morning TV. I also caught up with my shows that were on my DVR and enjoyed some amazing PIR (Price is right for all those not in the know). I really miss Bob, but I think that Drew Carey does a pretty good job.

Oh and I forgot to mention the best news! My brother got ENGAGED!!! I am so happy for him. They went away to the mountains for the weekend for my brother’s birthday and he proposed to her there. We don’t really know how exactly he proposed because he isn’t chatty like that. No matter, I’m just happy that he is happy. He leaves tonight to go back overseas and we won’t see him again until January. I will miss him.

This weekend was my friend’s birthday and it was pretty hectic. A lot of her friends from school came down so it was great for her to see everyone and have everyone be together. Lots of drinking was involved. We ended up on Saturday going to this place on the boardwalk and I didn’t really have dinner so after 2 drinks I really started to feel it. They were having a special on Bud Light so lots of drinks were consumed. It was a lot of fun and the place was great because it was crowded but not to the point where you can barely move.

The next day I was really hungover. I never get hangovers. I’m the girl that can drink all night, wake up bright and early and go to work. Sometimes when I first wake up I feel a little gross but yesterday I was a mess. I had a huge headache, dehydrated and super cranky. I wouldn’t have minded it if I stayed home all day but I had to go to my grandma’s. We had a Mass in my grandpa’s name to mark the anniversary of his death so we all had to go up there and since I missed it the last couple of years, due to me being at school, I had to go. I was not in good shape. I had my makeup on still from the night before, my hair was a big frizzy mess, and I’m pretty sure I was still drunk at first.

How do you explain to your 85 year old grandmother what a hangover is?? She thought I was really sad and kept on asking me what was bothering and who is making me so miserable. lol. She even tried to take me into another room to see what was really bothering me. Apparently me just saying I was tired didn’t cut it. There was no way I was going to tell her the truth though. I just went through the day with my grandma thinking I was depressed. She made gnocchi which is my favorite and that made me feel a lot better, also the massive amounts of water that I drank too. All in all it was a great weekend.

How was yours?


Anonymous said...

I spent the weekend with my 87 year old grandma. We had a pretty good time although I would have enjoyed a little time with someone closer to my own age :P

Karen said...

My grandma calls it "drunk sick". Having raised my mom and my uncle, she knows about hangovers.

Oh and probably the fact that she and grandpa own bars for a living. LOL