Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There was a huge blackout across the county that I live in last night. When I got home from work the train station was pitch black! It was so creepy and it took me a good five minutes to find my car. Also driving out of the place I had to be careful to not hit anyone walking to their car. It was that dark.

I had PT that night and somehow they still had power so I tried to make my way to the place. Not that easy. Since all the lights were out I couldn't make any left turns to go up the highway I needed to go. It took me 20 minutes to get there when it should have taken about five.

It was scary driving down certain roads with zero street lamps or even lights from houses to help guide me. Two cars almost hit me because of all the traffic mixed with confusion. This was the one time I looked forward to PT because at least they had power. Otherwise I would be at home sitting in the dark. By the time I was done, the power had been restored and I didn't have to take a shower in the dark.

Bonus! The power came back on RIGHT before House started and my DVR was able to tape the whole thing for me! I was very happy I didn't miss out because that episode rocked!


Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's crazy.

Alexandreena said...

That sounds scary. I haven't had that experience in a very long fun!

CC said...

ooohhh that is creepy. people in dallas would lose it if something like that happened. people wouldn't know what to do and would honestly freak out driving.