Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving recap

It’s officially December! I can’t believe it. My four-day weekend was much needed but it ended way to soon. I thought it was just going to consist of me laying around and being lazy but I felt like I was barely home. Which is good I guess, except now I’m counting down to the weekend so I can catch up on some sleep.

Anyway let me start from the beginning. Wednesday is a huge night to go out. Everywhere. It is also the night where you literally see every single person that you went to high school with. It was crazy. I like going out, but I hate when I go out and you can barely move because there are so many people. I much rather be at a dive bar then dealing with this. Plus I ended up being DD, so while everyone around me was wasted I was sober counting down the minutes until it was acceptable to leave.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that I went out and saw all those people but after a while you get tired of people asking you the same questions over and over again. “How are you? What do you do? Do you like it? Where are you living?” and then of course I can’t be rude so I have to ask them back, even if I could care less. Even if I didn’t ask them, the person would just voluntarily tell me her life story. “Well I am working at blah blah blah…”

Thanksgiving was great. My mom controlled her freak-outs about cooking and getting ready pretty well this year. Plus my uncle came early and pretty much set up everything for us! There was so much food it was insane. It was delicious and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I love seeing all of my family and just hanging out with them. By the end of the day I was exhausted. I was defiantly in bed early.

Friday I woke up with no particular plans that day. Then I decided to test the waters and do a little shopping. I made a deal with myself that I would drive by one shopping center and if I could find a spot I would go inside. Luckily I did find one, it was not close to the door, and braved the stores. Inside them it wasn’t so bad. I got what I needed and barely had to wait in line to pay. Since that was a success I decided to brave Kohls. That was a bad idea. It was pure chaos in the store. I needed to get a watch for my friend and I found a great one that was 60 percent off plus an extra 15 percent if I bought it before noon. It was 11:30. I grabbed a ticket and waited in line. And waited. They called my number at 11:55. I quickly told her which one and paid for it. I didn’t even look at it up close. It was perfect and cheap and now I am done with that person!

Afterward my friend and I went to see Twilight. I was pretty happy with how the movie turned out. It followed the book for the most part, plus Edward was really hot. My friend who hasn’t read the book really liked the movie. I will soon start on the next book. I heard they weren’t as good, but now that I’m sucked in I can’t stop!

That night a bunch of us went out. First we went to a house party. Which I haven’t done since I was a freshman in college. I felt really old. Then the party moved on to a bar down the street and the night got infinitely better. We didn’t get home until really late and that along with the days before I was seriously lacking in sleep. I promised them I would meet them for brunch, cut to me still sleeping, and my friend calling me to see where the hell I was. I threw on my clothes and rushed to meet everyone. It was nice catching up and recapping the night with everyone. Afterwards I went home, put my PJs back on and watched movies all day long. It was great, just what I needed.

I hate to admit this but I watched some Christmas movies. The Santa Clause, Elf, and Love Actually. All favorites of mine.

All in all it was a great mini break. How was your holiday??


Anonymous said...

My holiday was pretty good. I haven't gotten to watch any holiday movies yet so I'm definitely looking forward to doing that in the near future!

Karen said...

I was sickish this weekend. But it was relaxing anyway. Wednesday night was crazy, but it gets a bit less the older you get.

Alexandreena said...

This sounds like a good holiday.

The man and I took a long weekend away and enjoyed general merriment, complete with awesome food and drinks for 3 days straight. Good times.