Friday, December 19, 2008

Crazy week

First off I’m doing much better about my dog passing away. However I do still expect to see his face every time I come home. I guess that will take some getting used to.

Otherwise this week has been crazy busy for me. I have a lot of stuff to finish up before my vacation and it doesn’t seem to be slimming down. Every time I blink I feel as though there is more then before. The good news is, after Tuesday I have a nice 10-day vacation to relax. I can’t wait!!

Also it’s snowing like crazy right now!!!! I love snow, but right now I’m really worried about my commute home tonight. I’m sure the trains will be delayed and that will not be fun for me. I just want to get home as quickly as possible. Especially after the morning I had…

This morning on the train I was sleeping, and I woke up to a woman screaming hysterically and calling for a doctor to come. Her husband was having a Seizure. Only I didn’t know it as a seizure until after. For all I knew, it was a heart attack. The train had to be stopped; all these people came running up, it was very scary. And after the week I had, I was especially upset. I just wanted this guy to be Okay. Thankfully he was. The man decided to go to a hospital in the city so we continued our journey onward. It was the tensest commute of my life.

I am so happy this week is almost over.

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