Monday, December 22, 2008

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

For me today is Thursday!! I’m soo happy I decided to take a little vacation around the holidays It’s like having a winter break from work! After tomorrow I probably won’t be blogging until the New Year!! I will be checking my reader and who knows if I get bored there is a chance that I’ll blog from home. From the looks of it though there won’t be much downtime for me. I was looking forward to a relaxing week, but it seems that almost everyday is filled with activities. Let’s break it down shall we?

Christmas Eve: Spend the day at my aunt’s. We usually do it at my house, but my aunt begged my mom to have it there.

Christmas Day: Drive up north to go to my other aunt’s. She goes all out for Christmas. The house is always so pretty and the food? Oh my, she goes crazy. We have appetizers, then a pasta course, and then dinner that is surf and turf. Lobster tails and/or chateaubriand, finally the dessert are cakes, pies, cookies and ice cream. I’m full just writing this.

Also as a surprise, my brother and his fiancée are driving to my aunts. She hasn’t meet most of my family yet so it will be great. Plus my cousin who is in the Air Force will be there and we haven’t seen him in over a year!

Day after Christmas: Party at my house for my brother. He is home from the states for only 3 weeks so all his friends will be stopping by to say hello.

That weekend: Spend more time with my brother and his fiancée.

Monday: Spend the day with my cousins. I’m thinking about going to the city with them but with my foot still messed up I might not be able to. In which case I’ll take them to the new outlets and go shopping as their Christmas gifts.

Tuesday: The one day I have no set plans!

New Years Eve: I’m not sure what the definite plans are yet but I will be going out with a bunch of friends to celebrate the New Year!

New Years Day: Recovery, plus go to my grandma’s.

Day After: PT in the morning, Doctors in the afternoon, then driving down to Baltimore to see friends.

That weekend: go to Virginia for an engagement party for my brother. There will be a whole lot of driving and I am not looking forward to it. I am excited to meet her family, but the thought of all that driving makes me a little sick!

As you can see my vacation is actually chock full of activities. Even though I was looking forward to a more relaxing week, I am really excited for everything!!

What are you doing for the holidays??


Miss Merry said...

Your Christmas plans sound fun! And busy!

Karen said...

Your plans do sound busy, but I think you will have some time relaxing in there.

I will will be working my booty off. Although school is on break, I committed to doing some legal temp work. The money is too nice to pass up.

Christmas eve I will be working and then having dinner at my uncle's house. Then Christmas day, I am cooking and having people over.

Then back to the grind until NYE. I have to work and then party hop at a few places. Should be a blast.

Happy holidays!!