Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Custom Made

First I just wanted to say that work has been interesting. I’m really busy right now but I don’t mind because the time is flying by and also because in one week I will officially be on vacation! Then my boss got a package from our sister office. There were 2 packages for me!! They were thank you/holiday presents from 2 of my co-workers. I was so surprised and really touched by the thought. It defiantly made my week!

Next Karen from Smiling Through it All had a fellow blogger interview her and she had to answer the questions honestly and post them. Sorta like a customized MEME. I really liked this idea so when Karen offered to do the same I jumped at the chance. Here are her questions and my responses. Enjoy!

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie or cartoon? Why?

That’s easy. It’s National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. It’s hysterical. Every year on Christmas Eve my family and I watch this. It’s one of the few traditions that we keep up with, so on top of it being funny; it also holds a special place in my heart because of that.

2. Are you doing anything to pursue the makeup artist dream job or have you decided to go in a different direction?

Yes actually. I have been applying like crazy for jobs in the cosmetic industry. Unfortunately because I don’t have enough experience yet and/or the economy sucks I haven’t really gotten any responses back. I would like to take another class or become an apprentice to someone but I just don’t have the time with my work hours.

However randomly, if I were to ever to say quit my job or do something drastic it would be to go back to school and study photography. Those are essentially my 2 dream jobs, and I constantly go back and forth between them.

3. Do you have a "type" that you look for in a significant other? What is that type?

I don’t know if I have a type per se. Sometimes I got for the guy that’s more masculine. You know the guy that has a constant 5 o’clock shadow, whose typical uniform is jeans and a t-shirt, loves sports and would rather die then talk about mushy stuff. Then other times I’m into the EMO guy who play guitar or piano and writes poetry. Total opposite. So I guess my dream guy would be a mesh of those two. Which I doubt is possible.

However no matter what type the guy is, they have to have a sense of humor! If a guy can’t make me laugh then forget about it.

4. What is weakness when it comes to shopping for yourself?

When shopping I have a HUGE weakness for bags. I have so many bags, clutches, wristlets, totes; you name it I’ve got it. Every time I go to a store I tend to drift to that section and always find a way to reason with myself as to why I NEED this one. I’ve gotten better at resisting but sometimes there’s one that I just can’t NOT buy.

5. Do have the desire to be a mother someday?

I can’t wait to become a mom one day! Of course I’m scared that I’ll screw the kid up, but I really look forward to becoming a mother. I love children. I used to babysit and even taught swim lessons for a while and even though it wasn’t easy at times, it never made me doubt my ability to become a mother. However I don’t want to have children until I’m in my 30s. I want to take my time. No rushing.


Karen said...

Great answers. I am bad with bags too. Bags and shoes. And I love National Lampoon's Christmas. Hysterical.

Anonymous said...

I liked this.

Also, I really want to watch Christmas Vacation now :)