Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can you die from boredom?

Work has been SLOW. I am so bored I am running out of things to do. I had to stop myself from checking my e-mail for the 1,000th time today. It doesn’t change every minute. Facebook is maxed out to. No one is updating their pages every minute (as they should) so my stalking is at a stand still. I cleared out my Google Reader. Even my beloved gossip sites aren’t updating as often as I keep on going back to check.

I need something to do! I’ve already cleared out my filing cabinets and put them away in boxes along with excel sheets in each box that labels what’s inside. I’ve cleared out my work e-mail, and organized my files on the computer. I’ve done so much billing that I can’t bill anymore until I get the folders back from accounting. I’ve even helped out another department do things to help them get caught up. Now they are and I’m back at my desk!

Now I am out of ideas. Which is why I am blogging about being so bored. It is giving me something else to do. However I fear for myself once I post this. It’s only 2:30 and I still have over 4 hours left here! I’m begging you to tell me what you do when you’re bored at work!! I need as many tips as possible.


Alexandreena said...

I'm not often bored at work but amongst the tihngs I do when I am are:
-reading books online
-sending e-mails or calling people I haven't talked to in a long time
-making shopping lists, holiday commitment lists, gift ideas lists, ...other lists.
-go surfing for recipes I usually forget to cook afterwards
-fantasy shop for things i could never afford.

Letitia said...

As a motivation coach, I'd say that it's time for you, in the next few hours, to design your ideal life and then see what the gap is between your ideal life and where you are. There will be lots of gaps. Choose one. Decide what the biggest obstacle on that road and then start designing steps, little ones, or bigger ones toward reaching the next level closer to ideal. Of course, you may soon hit a wall...that's what coaches are help you reframe or circumvent the wall and lots more.

Take the first step. It probably involves Internet research or a phone and you've got those both. Actually, thinking it through is important, brainstorming about your ideal before you give it up.

And another idea to fill hours:
Check out my read the posts and leave me a comment. Thanks.


Karen said...

Now I am not bored at work, but when it happens, I surf recipes and think about things I want to cook. Or I discretely read whatever book I happen to be reading at the moment.