Thursday, April 17, 2008

Attending church on a Tuesday

On Tuesday my twin cousins made their confirmation. And I was so happy that they asked me to be their sponsor. I was worried that I would have to pick which one I wanted to sponsor, but I was allowed to be both of theirs. I was the only person there that had two kids to sponsor, and I may have been the first person there to ever do this! I felt very special to have this honor of being a double sponsor. Of course it took awhile for me to figure out how to do that, i.e. where do I sit, who do I walk up with first, do I just stay up there and wait for the other one to come? But all was figured out. The twins sat next to each other, and I was placed in the middle so when we walked up and I did one and then the next one directly after. It turned out to be a very lovely day. It was a long ceremony but my cousins are now very happy that they never again have to go to CCD. And even though I am not the greatest catholic, (I kinda suck at it) it was nice to do this for them. Afterwards my aunt made a fantastic dinner and I drove around the block on motor scooters with my cousins. Which is so much fun! At first I was riding in the back of one of my girls driving, but that was way to scary so they let me use one to myself! And I defiantly suggest that anyone reading this to try this! It is so much fun and defiantly takes you back to when you were young and carefree about the world!

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