Monday, April 28, 2008

What did you do this weekend?

So this past weekend was really nice. I did a lot of shopping on Saturday; I had to get a dress for a wedding and also a bathing suit for my upcoming vacation. But not only did I get those, I bought crap load of other stuff! I went to town on Saturday and it was so much fun. I got a lot of clothes for the summer so I won’t melt and also, one lady was very nice to me and gave me a coupon to take $50 dollars off my entire order. That made my day soo much better. The only thing I needed was to get shorts. And I know what your thinking: shorts are one of the most unflattering item of clothing ever invented and I do agree with you. Except I am totally obsessed with walking shorts. They are much more flattering that other shorts cause they fall at the knee, not ending at a random spot near your thigh to make it look huge, and they are slim, making you leg appear slim not huge like some other shorts out there. But unfortunately I could not find one decent pair of shorts anywhere! All of them were either too long, or short and almost all of them were unbelievably wide. Which is upsetting cause I want to not sweat all summer in jeans but at the same time I don’t want to look bigger than I already am. So that was frustrating, but I didn’t let it ruin my day.

Also on Saturday I went tanning. I know it’s really bad for you, but I am going on vacation in like 3 weeks and if I don’t have a base I will become a lobster and won’t be able to go out in the sun for the whole trip. So instead I bought 6 tanning sessions to get myself ready. When I got there, they lady actually took a Laser fingerprint of me, and that’s how I check in every time now. I couldn’t believe that a tanning salon has this kind of technology. I guess it makes sense to do it in order to protect someone from using my sessions, but couldn’t they have taken my picture or something?? Oh well, I told my mom that if something were to happen to me, she could always get my fingerprint from the tanning salon. Anyway since it was my first time tanning I knew I was going to get a little burned. So I went in for 10 minutes and when I went home it didn’t even look like I got color. WELL, come next morning and I am a lobster. My back is fire engine red, my face a tomato, and my stomach looks like a flamingo. I am in so much pain, that it hurts to sleep. If anyone has ever been tanning, you know that a tanning bed burn is a different kind of pain than if you were just in the sun. So I am in pain, and everyone at my job is making fun of me. All in good fun, but seriously every time I sit or stand I want to cry. I know that it is better to get burned now than when I’m on vacation, but I forgot just how painful this could be. And like the idiot that I am, I will be going tanning again as soon as this burn goes away. Ahh the sacrifices I make for my happiness.

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Karen said...

I generally stick to capris for public viewing. Shorts are reserved for the beach for me. I need to go tanning!