Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nervousness tends to ruin my excitement

So in just a few days I will be taking my first makeup class. I am so excited about this I don’t even know where to begin. Even though I am so excited, I’ve had this nervous feeling for the past few days. At first I couldn’t pin point the feeling or why it was happening. Than I realized that it was because of this class I am taking. I am NERVOUS about taking this class. Every night I go to bed in a panic about it. Thoughts run through my head constantly…. Are you CRAZY!?!? Why are you taking a class like this?? You never going to make any money so why are you bothering? What if you suck and then your out X amount of dollars? Even if you are good, that doesn’t mean your going to find steady work. Even if you do find work, that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll even like it. What if I quit my job and get stuck working in a mall, chasing people down to try a GREAT NEW PRODUCT????

Sadly that little stream of my thought process isn’t even the half of it. And I get that it’s normal to be nervous. But I think I am more nervous about taking this class and learning that it isn’t for me. Then I am back at square one again. I can’t let myself get carried away about this; I mean I haven’t even taken the class yet!!

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