Saturday, April 12, 2008

What a dog I have!

I wasn’t planning on writing again until after I take my class tomorrow. But than something happened and I couldn’t help writing. I have a dog name Sammy and he is about 2. Today he peed on my bed!!! Not while I was in it, but he peed in my bed while I was out. Mind you, my dog is trained to go to the bathroom outside and never goes inside the house anyone. That is until today when he PEED in my bed! I was sooo pissed at my dog, I almost killed him. But after a while I couldn’t stay mad at him anymore. He is just so cute and he slowly crept toward my with his most precious face and I just melted. So the sucker that I am, I forgave my puppy. Than I was telling my friend what happened and she told me that maybe he was feeling neglected by me since I am never home anymore. And that I felt guilty! I am seriously a sucker. But that could be true, I mean I leave my house everyday at 7:30 am and don’t get home til after 8:30 pm. So that could be true. But than again he still has my mom and my brother to cuddle with before I get home. Yes they both work too, but they get home hours before I do. Well either way, my puppy did pee on my bed. Thankfully, it was just the sheets and it didn’t touch the mattress. Also I thought you might want to see my puppy so I took a few pictures to share. Enjoy!

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