Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blogs: my new form of people watching…

So finally, my sunburn is going away. Now I am so itchy and it is driving me crazy!! But hopefully that will go away soon and I can restart my tanning and get nice and brown before my vacation. It is fast approaching and I just can’t contain myself. 2 weeks from Saturday I will be on my way to Los Cabos, Mexico!! And the next couple of weeks will hopefully keep me busy and the time will just fly by. Well during work, it has been pretty dead and I just spend my day surfing the Internet. Which can be fun, but seriously if I check my e-mail one more time I will kill myself. I am keeping myself busy lurking at other people’s blogs and reading about their lives. I have always been completely fascinated with other people. I love finding out who a person is, and what their life is all about. Even what some people find mundane, I find interesting. I love listening to people. When I go out sometimes my favorite thing is to people watch. I can pretty much sum a person up within the first 30 seconds of meeting them and I’ve rarely changed my first initial impression. From all this people watching, I’ve learned how to read people. I look at their facial expression, read their body language and just listen to them. From this I can automatically tell whether or not we will get along.

This is much harder for me to do when I read a person’s blog. All I have is words, and sometime maybe even a picture to go by. For One: pictures can be deceiving and Two: its very hard to read emotions. Reading these people’s blogs, it’s almost impossible to tell what they are really like in person. Maybe that’s what makes it so intriguing to me. When I write, I can make a whole new persona of myself if I wanted to. What’s not to say that these people are doing the exact same thing? Who knows if what I read is real, or if that person just wants people to perceive them as what they write? For example, there is one blog that I read (no names mentioned of course) that they seem to be so happy and their entire life is pulled together. Who ever really truly feels that way? That their whole like is exactly how they want it to be? Maybe that’s me being cynical (and believe me I am) but that’s just not realistic. And then there are blogs out there where people describe their sex adventures. And again I have to wonder, are their sexcapades real, or just what they wish their real life were all about? I mean some of these people have almost every single entry they have is about one of their newest conquests? I’m a single 23-year-old girl and believe me when I tell you, finding a guy is hard enough. And here these people are meeting and bedding guys all the time? I find that hard to believe. Which makes me wonder whether they are a) just a whore or b) someone I need to become friends with fast to learn how to pick up guys as fast as they do. Not necessarily for me to sleep with cause I’m not really like that, but having good tips never hurts. But again, I am skeptical at how truthful all this is.

I look at my blog as a sort of diary, but I just type it cause its easy and I have loads of free time at work. And don’t get me wrong there are many other out there just like me, but what about these people who just have a niche thing they write about? How true are they? Don’t get me wrong, whether they are true or not I will still continue reading. Entertainment is entertainment. But I will always be thinking the same thing? Who are these people in reality????

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