Friday, June 27, 2008

Another week has come and gone

Oh man I am so glad it is Friday. It has been hell of a week for me and I’m so glad its almost over. Things are looking good for me having a half-day which is good. Tomorrow is my birthday, and while I’m still not all that excited about me getting older and I am excited about how I will be spending the day.

On Sunday I’m going to my cousin’s graduation party and most of my family will be there. Including my aunt and uncle who live in Florida who I haven’t’ seen in over a year. So it will be a good day. I just hope the weather is good.

It's about to start pouring outside, so when i get home I plan on getting into my pj's, and watch movies for the rest of the day. Preferably something cheesy on lifetime. It is the perfect way for me to spend a lazy rainy day. I hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

It's pouring here right now. I would sit and watch movies but my mom is home and making me feel guilty for loafing about. I guess I'll have to actually do something ;)