Monday, June 23, 2008

I hate the DMV

On Saturday I was planning on going to the beach because it was so nice out. Then I realized that I had to get my car inspected because my sticker was going to expire at the end of the month. I figure I would get up early go get my car inspected and then make my way to the beach early enough to beat traffic and all the Bennys. And yes I say Benny because in the summertime they really piss me off thinking the own the beach and that they are the coolest people to ever grace the Jersey shore. But I digress.

I make my way to the DMV and I go through to the part where you get your car inspected. I get my little ticket I need and I follow all the signs saying to KEEP RIGHT. Seriously every 5 feet there is a sign saying to “Keep to the right.” I listen and I go all away around the bend, all the while staying to the right, and I make my way to the front of the line. I am the first car on the line, so I assume I will be out of there in no time. THEN the car inspector guy comes up to me, and I am expecting that he is going to tell me where to pull up my car. Instead he tells me “EXCUSE ME but you are on the WRONG line. You going to need to pull out of here and go all away around to the back of the EXTREMELY long line.”

The line that is on the LEFT SIDE! Please tell me why is it that you have 400 signs saying to keep to the right, when in actuality you wanted me to keep to the left! I was extremely embarrassed and I had to pull all the way around again. I almost just left and was going to go another day, but then I realized this was the only time I could really go and I was already here. 45 minutes later I finally got my car inspected and could go on my merry way. It was almost noon by then and the last thing I wanted to do was go to the beach and sit in traffic. But I already had my swimsuit on. I decided to go and if there was traffic I would just turn around. Thankfully, there was no traffic on my way and I made it to my lovely beach to enjoy the sun and sand for a few hours. It turned out to be a pretty good day.

* On a side note while I was waiting I saw a bunch of cars do the same thing I did, making me a little less embarrassed about the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Ugh! I hate going to the DMV too. It always takes much, much longer than I think it should.

Karen said...

Not as many of us Bennies are making our way to the beach this summer. Gas prices are killing the shore industry. Hotels, campgrounds and other tourist industries are suffering.