Thursday, June 12, 2008

My new favorite thing

I am obsessed with online shopping. Especially when you can find amazing deals. So I wanted to share with you my new favorite website. It is It’s kind of like E-Bay but in my opinion way better. All the items on there were at some point lost, repossessed or from “misguided cargo”. Basically police stations all around the country are putting their inventory online for people to purchase. Originally I think that the website was called steal your stuff back or something. I’m not totally sure since I just discovered the website.

Anyway the reason why I like it better than E-Bay is because this is good merchandise and it starts out the bidding really cheap. And since not that many people know about it or care to check it out the chances of you getting something cheap are really good. For instance I just got a Blue Sapphire and Diamond necklace for 18 dollars! And that’s including the shipping! I just got the necklace in the mail yesterday and it was beautiful. I have to admit I was worried that it was going to be complete crap but the thing is amazing. On the website you can buy designer goods like Prada and Gucci all starting for a buck. There is even a chance for you to bid on bulk lots of diamonds. Seriously just a bunch of loose carat diamonds. Some of the stuff on there is authenticated and others they can’t truly gain authenticity but no matter what everything is fraud protected so you don’t have to worry. Also, everything is clearly stated so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off. Now there is some completely random stuff like buying a bulk lot of DVDs and they don’t tell you all the names of the movies. Or a case full of CDs, again not stating all the bands in the case. They will give you like 2 names, or a picture of the DVDs and you have to try and work out what they are. Again cause some of this stuff was lost, that’s why it is so random. But its funny to see some of the stuff listed. The website is seriously addicting. Oh and you can buy a Car on there! It is so fun to see everything that's listed. I swear I do NOT work for this website, I’m just obsessed with it right now.

P.S. - Just don't bid on the stuff I'm bidding on! ;)

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AY@tes said...

That site is awseome! I was there for 5 minutes and found 5 things that I wanted to bid on.

Too bad that each of those items said "Shipping only available within the US."